Coronavirus Update/Lets Make Sure The Children Are Fed!

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Do You Know Any Atlanta/North Georgia Children In Need?

Hello Everyone,

Just want to check in with everyone, at least virtually! I hope everyone is staying safe, and relatively sane during these unprecedented times. As someone that does my best to stay present in the ever changing moment of NOW, as well as remaining positive as that unfolding NOW evolves into uncharted territories. 

As a person, and a business owner, I want to be able to say that through this time, I and my business, are part of the solution rather than playing into pandemic hysteria. And that being said, I have many ideas rattling around in this bald head of mine, and in this time, you will see posts from me that are thoughts in action; some of them are ideas that I hope to see come into fruition, and others will be thoughts and ideas that may help make this “time at home” for you easier.

My first thought is based on the families, and children, especially the children with celiac disease or any autoimmune disease that benefit from eating a gluten free diet. Just think, they may be missing out on meals during this time, and since school is on indefinitely hiatus, as sad as it is, in many situations, that school meal may be the only nutrition they receive. What is going to happen to them now? Is there a way that my company can be a solution in the problematic situation? 

Are the children in need?

Here are my thoughts… Do any of you know of any celiac or immune compromised children that need food? If you do, could you please contact me, and let me see if Vee Culinary can help in any way? My thoughts are that we could contact the local produce companies (that probably have fruits and vegetables going to waste because the local restaurants are not buying the usual amount that they would), and let’s see if we can’t feed those children! 

If you know of or hear about a child in need (especially a child that has celiac or an auto-immune disease that a gluten free diet would benefit them), please notify me, or have them contact me, and we will see what we can work out. I have already talked to a restaurant in the area (The Crown) that specializes in gluten free food, and if we have a large demand, they are ready to assist us. 

We are focusing this on the Atlanta area and local counties and towns… Atlanta, Decatur, Gwinnett, Cumming, Dawsonville, Hiawassee, Blairsville, Murphy, Cleveland, just to name a few; however, if you know of someone outside of these areas, please let us know and lets see what we can do to help them.

Absolutely, this is a no-judgment zone, so unless you have something positive to say or constructively assist with, please scroll past this post, and keep moving!


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