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As the owner of Vee Culinary, I would like to address our company’s policies and procedures regarding what is happening currently with the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

For anyone that knows me (as a person, and as a person who runs a business), I am not one who buys into any level of fear or hysteria tactics. I am the person who does his best to live in the present moment, and does his best to ‘answer the call of the moment’ – however, I think this is important to address.

First and foremost: The Vee Culinary Company has always and will continue to operate under the US Food Handler regulations. In conjunction with those regulations, we will add extra precautions not only with our food, but how we operate our business and interact with the public as we are in and out of the public situations to complete our services.  

  1. We will complete our services following the CDC guidelines and instructions. (This is going to be difficult, because you know we are “huggers!” In the past, we have hugged people hello, as well as goodbye, and now we will implement the elbow bump, so when you receive it, consider yourself virtually hugged!)
  2. If we have something scheduled at your home or another venue, and you are feeling sick, ill or concerned about your health, please notify us. We would rather reschedule your event than possibly infect anyone else. Again, and please, let’s reschedule your event; we will be happy to work with you to get this on the calendar for a future date, and there will absolutely not be any rescheduling fees and or penalties. 
  3. If you have something scheduled at your home for a personal chef service, and you are feeling sick, ill or concerned about your health, and you still want to continue with your service, give us a call, and we can discuss other options regarding your meal service. 
  4. As we are shopping for your event, we already have hand sanitizer in our vehicles, and we will sanitize our hands before entering a grocery store and when we return back to the vehicle. Also, while we are shopping we will follow the CDC guidelines and regulations while interacting with the public. 

We look forward to continuing to serve you, and want you to know that we are committed to staying informed and serving you safely. 

Peace, Love and Virtual Hugs,

Chef Vedam


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