January 14th is National Hot Pastrami Day!

What things did you miss after you were first diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

For Chef Vedam, one of the things he missed was Reuben Sandwiches. 

Did you know that today (January 14) is National Hot Pastrami Day?

Early in the year, Chef Vedam asked us to look up the national food holidays. We didn’t know exactly why, but we knew Chef Vedam’s brain was ticking about something, so we went with it. Some of the holidays that were mentioned, blew us away! We had no idea that there were so many national food holidays! 

We asked him why he wanted us to look into these food holidays, and he responded with, “We are going to use those days to show the Celiac/gluten-intolerant world that even though they may have a gluten intolerance, they can still have all of those foods they have grown to love.” 

When a person is diagnosed with Celiac Disease, they have to learn to make adjustments with their food habits and likes.

Most of us are ok with the adjustments, and/or what we call the “workarounds,” regarding our food habits. We have had to learn to adjust because our health depends on it! But when it comes to our favorites, hell or high-water, we are going to find a gluten-free substitution that is as close to what we had grown to love prior to our diagnosis!

Just like Chef Vedam refused to give up some of his favorite foods, like fried chicken, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, pies and cakes, etc., a hot Reuben sandwich was one of his favorite sandwiches!

We here at Vee Culinary are constantly hearing from other people with gluten intolerance that they are so grateful that Chef Vedam refuses to give up his favorite foods whether they are were previously based upon gluten-based products.

YES, we will try to help when we can!

We here at Vee Culinary are here to help you with the workarounds. Whether it is a Reuben Sandwich or Fried Chicken or Macaroni & Cheese, a chocolate cake, fried shrimp, etc., we are here to help you whether it be with a recipe, a personal chef service, or an event… Ultimately, we are here for YOU!

So, in honor of National Hot Pastrami Day, we celebrate a Gluten-free Reuben Sandwich.

Gluten-Free Reuben Sandwich with Chef Vedam’s Gluten-Free White Bread

At first, we created a Reuben sandwich with Chef Vedam’s famous gluten-free white bread, toasted and grilled to perfection. For those like Chef Vedam with celiac disease, this workaround was satisfactory up to a point, but it didn’t stop there.

Chef Vedam was not completely satisfied, and we are so grateful for his drive to make the good even better. 

Then one day we came into work, and the smell of fresh-baked Rye bread was in the air, and it smelled so good! Chef Vedam was at it again! Chef Vedam was in the test kitchen creating a Faux Rye Bread. 

Chef Vedam’s Gluten-Free Faux Rye Bread

Chef Vedam’s Gluten-Free Faux Rye Bread

This Faux-Rye Bread ROCKS! But true to Chef Vedam’s standards, he won’t share the recipe until he has put it through the test kitchen thoroughly! He will be working out and fine-tuning this recipe, and soon he will let us share the recipe, so please stay tuned. 

Did you know that you can order bread along with your Personal Chef services? Did you know you can add it to a meal that we are catering? Did you know we offer private, group classes, or online baking classes? 

We are here to help you with all of your cravings, whatever they may be. Is there food that you have missed since your diagnosis? If there is, please drop us a comment in the comments below, and who knows, your desire may be one of the things we get working on soon!

Give us a shout and let us know what we can make for you! 


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