Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous!

Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband
by Vedam Clementi

Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband will guide you step by step to cook delicious gluten-free foods.

This is a gluten-free cookbook focusing on Vedam’s southern heritage and his desire to cook those dishes completely gluten-free.

  • Full Color
  • Spiral Bound
    This means the cookbook will lie flat as you are cooking
  • 80# Coated Paper
    nice thick pages that are stain-resistant.
  • There are over 80 recipes
    which have been divided by chapters such as “Basics,” “Breads,” “Breakfasts,” “Soups,” “Side Dishes,” “Main Dishes” and “Desserts.”
  • Each with a color photo!!

Southern, down-home comfort foods can now be gluten-free, and no one will know the difference!

This is the only gluten-free cookbook you will ever need!


Product Details


When Chef Vedam was first diagnosed and told he would have to eat a gluten free diet for the rest of his life, he was bound and determined not to limit his diet to pre-processed, pre-packaged gluten free cardboard! He was also determined to still enjoy his favorite childhood comfort foods.

Chef Vedam had to teach himself how to cook all over again — this time gluten free! After much studying, and the creation of a successful gluten free flour blend, Chef Vedam began to recreate the foods from his Southern heritage, as well as some of his and his husband’s, Nirish’s, favorites in delicious gluten free versions.


This is a gluten-free cookbook focusing on Vedam’s Southern heritage and his desire to cook those dishes completely gluten-free.

This cookbook is a guide to not only teach you about cooking gluten-free but will also show you how to set up a gluten-free kitchen and household. It will show you how to create the perfect Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Blend, which has been used in many of the recipes throughout the cookbook.

Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous is a full color, spiral-bound cookbook printed on coated paper which means the cookbook lies flat as you are cooking, and is also stain resistant. You won’t have to be aggravated that the cookbook closes itself while you are using it, and you will be able to wipe off any stains that occur during cooking!

You and your family no longer have to miss out on delicious food and meals; nor do they have to settle for tasteless and expensive processed gluten-free cardboard disguised as food!

Start with the basics of gluten-free cooking, and expand your ability to make amazing breads, soups, side dishes, main dishes, and incredible desserts that even your grandmother would approve of!

After dealing with digestive tract issues for over 20 years, Vedam was finally diagnosed with gluten sensitivities and had to learn how to make his favorite recipes gluten-free. “I stayed true to my southern heritage and I offer a complete guide to cooking gluten-free down-home southern comfort foods. I am also working on a second gluten-free cookbook which will focus on a more health-conscious diet and vegetarian recipes; so stay tuned for that!”

After tasting Vedam’s food and testing some of the recipes in the cookbook people have expressed:

“This man’s food is amazing!


Vedam's recipes are simply divine!

The food was amazing!!!

My mouth did a dance!

I am not a gluten free person yet, but this food can change my mind.

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