Chef Vedam Article in ShoutOut Atlanta


Recently Chef Vedam was interview about his background, what got him into the culinary world, Vee Culinary, and his heroes! Check it out here.

Meet Vedam Clementi | Executive Chef & Owner


  1. Bard Morgan

    Really nice to read this article about a friend since childhood. I do recommend that one reads the print and views the pictures at a well chosen time. The moment right before trying to figure out what to prepare for dinner is not a wise choice. This is especially true with a limited selection in the refrigerator which is my case this evening. Those dishes and desserts look mighty delicious.

    • Chef Vedam

      What a pleasant surprise to see you on this feed! I do appreciate your kind words! Where are you these days? Where are you living, and what did life take you?

    • Chef Vedam

      Thank you, Isa! I/we look forward to our time together! I do hope it is sooner than later. Much love to you and Ma!

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