Chef Vedam Is On A New TV Cooking Competition


I have mentioned in a few places that I had something to reveal soon. WELL, the time is finally here!

I will be on a new TV cooking show being aired on TBS! The “Rat In The Kitchen!” season premiere begins Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 9/8 c. I am not sure when my episode airs, so set your DVR (or whatever you are using these days) to record the whole season! 

The show’s premise is six chefs competing against each other while also dealing with a secretively appointed “rat in the kitchen” who is secretly attempting to sabotage their dishes. 

So please mark your calendars now for Thursday, March 31st, and keep it on your calendars for every Thursday to see my episode airs. 

Watch the trailer below!

  • @TBSNetwork
  • #RatInTheKitchen
  • Premieres March 31st


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